While researching the 2017 calendar, we amassed a lot of photographs that came without stories or even names. If you can add any information about the following, or just want to add more photographs to the gallery, please send them along to

The winning squad, NFLDivision 2 1983
Cricket-young six a side
Horse grazing brook lane
New Forest League Division 2 winners 1983

Amy and Granny Cooper on Woodgreen Common
Woodgreen Morris men represented Hampshire at an all-England rally and English Folk Dance Society display at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 4th January, 1930. Back row (l to R): W. Chapman, A. Vincent, B. Stapley (leader), Ernest Ponting; front row: Cecil Cutler, J. Morris, J. Stapley, Alfred Brewer
1911 coronation celebrations 2 Woodgreen Common, postcard unattributed
1911 coronation celebrations on common Postcard
The Coronation crowd, Woodgreen common, June 1911
Woodgreen Coronation celebration June 1911, Postcard photo Thomson, Fordingbridge
Woodgreen Fire Brigade, Stationed in the High Street, driver: Sidney Gilbert, crew: George Elkins, Ernest Parker, Mr Bertwhistle
Ron Crook
Haymaking in Godshill Wood (Nicholls Field)
Cider-making, Godshill Wood
Mrs Young outside Horse & Groom (1920)

Mr&Mrs Moody outside Under Castle
Woodgreen High Street (looking towards Belvedere from Rosemary Cottage)
Hale Post Office

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  1. Missing Information – photograph of ‘Woodgreen Morris Men’.
    The initials you require are, back row, ‘W’ Chapman. (B. Stapley was the leader of the group).
    front row, ‘J’ Stapley.
    The Morris Men are also shown on the Woodgreen Village Hall Murals* as do many of the other people mentioned in your various items. (* George Brewer, Methodist Preacher and village market gardener, was my grandfather and was known for building several houses in the village – he is shown picking apples (brown jacket, on ladder) helped by his sons – Douglas, my father, is at the top of the tree. George’s son, Alfred, is in the dancing team; daughter, Nellie (later Simpson) is shown at Sunday School. In the later photograph of the Methodist Sunday School, Nellie’s two daughters, my sister, Margaret and myself are pictured with some of our cousins. George’s wife, Bessie, was quite sporty and played for the Woodgreen Ladies Cricket Team. Their ‘front room’ was used by the Fordingbridge doctor as a village consulting room when he visited.
    As a child, I remember ‘Grannie Cooper’ smoking her long pipe; selling pegs and posies and searching for hedgehogs to bake for dinner when we lived at Steele’s Drove; I looked for infrequent trains on the distant Breamore line, played in the dips on the Common and always spoke with Daisy Walker as she walked up the lane to home. Yes, life was great in the 1950/60 period.

  2. Regarding the photo of Mr and Mrs Moody outside Under Castle I think my ancestor George Peckham lived there with his family in 1871 and 1881 according to the Census (possibly also 1851 and 1861). Does anyone know where this cottage was situated in Godshillwood/ Woodgreen? I don’t think it is the same house as the current very smart Undercastle Cottage and Fishing Lodge. His daughter Jane Peckham married into the Mouland family in 1847.

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