Eric Hesketh Hubbard (1892-1957) lived in Woodgreen from 1923 to 1929. He was a landscape and architectural painter, etcher and printmaker. He founded ‘The Print Society,’ an international society of printmakers and collectors, and set up ‘Forest Press’ in a dilapidated shed at his house on the Common. One of his main aims was to make art accessible to ordinary people.

Forest Press provided a commercial printing and marketing service for artists, and also a publishing vehicle for some of Hesketh Hubbard’s own books. The Print Society arranged travelling exhibitions in the USA and UK. In 1924, there were 42 exhibitions of its members’ work around the UK.

Eric Hesketh Hubbard’s print, “St Anne’s Gateway from the East” from “The Gates of Salisbury Cathedral Close”, the first publication by Forest Press, based on Woodgreen Common, in 1925. Forest Press images:
More prints from Forest Press: perhaps Forest Press itself; a gypsy caravan crossing a bridge (is it Breamore bridge?); cider press (in Woodgreen?). Forest Press images:
“New Forest”: image courtesy of Greg Norden Collection Prints available.