Each year, we produce a calendar for Woodgreen Community Shop. For 2017, we adopted a historical theme and endeavoured to showcase old photos, memorabilia and stories about our village and its people. At first, there didn’t seem to be much material around and we feared that there wouldn’t be enough to fill even the 12 tiny spaces available on the calendar. But, gradually, more and more people came forward with hidden treasures.

In the end, we could only show a small fraction of the material we amassed. And, as 2017 passed into history, those calendars may have ended up in the bin, and that hard-won glimpse into our past could easily have been lost and forgotten.

Recently, the Parish Council gave us the opportunity to make an exhibition of ourselves in the revamped telephone box and many of the stories from the calendar are now on display there. But even here, there is limited space to do justice to the rich history of our area. So, we’ve put this website together to provide a more comprehensive and permanent record of our findings. It follows the same completely arbitrary subject order as the original calendar and has extra items that didn’t make the final cut.

We hope you enjoy it!
Steve Morris, David Mussell and Bill Shepley

PS  We’d love to be able to add more stories, memories and photos, or to add flesh to some of our more threadbare exhibits. If you have anything you want to contribute, please get in touch with us at history@woodgreenshop.org.