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Unless stated otherwise:

Satellite images: ©2018 Google.

Old maps: National Library of Scotland (

Newspaper snippets: acquired through the British Newspaper Archive ©2018 Findmypast.

Mural photographs: ©2016 Bill Shepley (special thanks to Woodgreen Village Hall for permission).

B&W photos: Charabanc & Sunday School: Jenny Hart; Shop & Oldings: Helena Datta; Pub and Under Castle: Claudia Carroll.

“Woodgreen: a Potted History” and “Cock Fighting on Wood Green” ©2016 David Mussell.

A Lost View: modern Brook Cottage photo ©2016 New Forest Cottages

Shops and PO. PO images: Georgina Babey; Shop: Jenny Hart.

Hale Nursery: Georgina Babey, Gladys Marks, Andrea Finn

Barns Farm. Helena Datta and Trevor Bryant;

Breamore Priory tiles on display in Salisbury Museum; geophysical survey of Breamore Priory, see “From hamlets to central places” C Loveluck, K Strutt, P Clogg

Castle Hill. Axes and pottery photos, special thanks to Salisbury Museum

Mural artist photos from “The Village on the Wall” ©BBC

Merry Gardens. James Coventry photo © Hampshire Record Office

Handbells. Images and text: Jenny Hart

Rural Images: Godshill Wood, Claudia Carroll; other images, Woodgreen Village Hall

Eric Hesketh Hubbard. Forest Press images:; “New Forest” image courtesy of Greg Norden Collection Prints available.

Dasiy Walker, Nurse “Brom”. Andrea Finn, Freda Parker and Sue Harris.

Breamore Station. Colour photo: ©2016 Bill Shepley

Daisy and Mr&Mrs Walker: Sue Harris

Breamore timetable: thanks to Martin Rowley,

Coronation photos: Andrea Finn.

People of Woodgreen. Photographs by Kathleen Milner. Copyright © 1974 Mrs. K. Milner.

Photographs presented to Graham McCarthy from Kathleen Milner, 1974. Reproduced with thanks to Julia Wilkie and the Woodgreen Village Hall.

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